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Paul's Landscaping Sydney
Nathan Scott

It would have been good if more companies had work ethics like yours. Extremely simplified calling/booking process, instant...

Paul's Landscaping Sydney
Christopher Brown

I had completely no idea about flowers and other garden plants. But all I needed was a short talk with your designer who came...
Paul's Landscaping Sydney
Mackenzie Wisewould

Neither of us are gardeners, but we did want a space we can entertain in and somewhere for the grandchildren to play. I've...
Paul's Landscaping Sydney
Ken Bolton

I discovered Paul’s team about 2 years ago and decided to give them a try based on a few good review I read online. The...
Paul's Landscaping Sydney
Claire Broadhurst

Our neighbour told us about Paul's services when we moved to Sydney and we asked them to come and look at our garden which...
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Whether you’re looking for a complete landscaping solution for your green space or you just need a bit of help with the landscape maintenance, Paul’s Landscaping Sydney is at your disposal. Simply book us and get the quality of service your garden deserves. From landscape design to garden maintenance, our Sydney landscaping team has all it takes to make the most of your yard at a reasonable price.

Book Paul’s Landscapers for a Complete Garden & Backyard Care

Getting expert help for all of your garden issues is the cleverest decision you can make. The seasoned landscaping professionals will handle all the planning, design and actual work to make your front or backyard project come to life. Whatever the size of the space and the project, we’re the guys to get the job done as it should be.

Landscaping Services in SydneyRead more: Well maintained garden can make a huge contribution to the sustainability of your property. Check this article written by Paul Downton and Kathy Preece.

You can count on our landscape gardeners in Sydney to work with you, be responsive and come up with a design project for your residential or commercial property that you’ll love. When you go with us, you get absolutely everything you could possibly ask for: Garden design, fencing & wall-building, decking & paving, lighting, stonework. Once your landscape design is ready, Paul’s construction team will bring that idea to life.

Why Opt for Expert Landscape Gardeners

When you choose Paul’s team, you get a proven landscaping service, which is also:

  • Helpful – Qualified landscape designers will guide you through the complicated planning process & make the plan a reality
  • Safe – Enjoy a stress-free work in your yard carried out by seasoned and vetted landscape gardeners.
  • Flexible – The landscapers will visit your home at a time that’s most convenient for you, including odd hours, weekends and public holidays
  • All-in-one – From landscape maintenance to full garden landscaping – you get everything from the same local provider

Get in Touch with the Team

Pauls Landscaping in SydneyContacting Paul’s landscapers is as easy as it can be. You can do it over the phone or by using the web-chat service. When you get hold of us, you’ll get on-location consultation from one of our landscape architects in Sydney.

We can do all the hard work and make your yard the way you want it. But if you want to be part of the landscaping project you can see this basic guide to picking plants.